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Dr. Annie Bukacek has written two books.
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Letters to the Editor

Come now, Susan Cahill, and Let Us Reason Together

The magnitude of the irony left me breathless: Susan Cahill, who has killed with her own hands thousands of human beings, while doing untold damage to the unborn children’s parents, says the “attack” on her property was “an attack against women, families and human rights.” That human life begins at conception is not philosophy or theology but undisputed scientific fact…Unborn children are no less human than Susan, you, or me. Isn’t it therefore reasonable that human rights should equally apply to the unborn? Local prolife individuals and organizations, do we carry collective guilt for this damage to property as Susan and her husband suggest? Looking at the numbers alone (in the US since 1973: hundreds of millions of prolife advocates, over 55 million murdered unborn children vs eight murdered abortionists), it is clear we are not advocates of violence. In my over 30 years of prolife work, I have never heard any advocates for the unborn promote violence. Susan will continue to milk the victim role.

Seniors Corner

Sparky Seniors

Hear from some of our wonderful, and lively seniors who want to pass off their secrets to a long and healthy life.

Every Life is VALUABLE

Hosanna Healthcare Motto:

The value of our life is not determined by whether or not we are wanted by our parents. It is not determined by our physical appearance, intelligence, race or creed, the socioeconomic group we belong to, our athletic ability, level of education, age or our ability to contribute to society.

Our value is intrinsic, given to us by our Creator who fashioned each one of us lovingly in the palm of His mighty hand.


Hosanna Healthcare Mission

At Hosanna Healthcare, we seek to provide the highest quality of medical care that includes academic excellence, diligence, efficiency, privacy, respect for individuality, and honor to all persons as precious children of God.

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